Welcome to the Woodworkers Guild of Rhode Island™

A nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting community interest in woodworking as an art form and creative crafts, supporting education in woodwork and crafting fellowship among woodworkers and those aspiring to be woodworkers.

The WWGRI members do not hold a formal meeting in July but members should feel free to invite others to their shops and share techniques, tools and enjoy each other’s company. It’s always a good time to connect with others and learn something new, especially if their shop is air conditioned…

EXCITING NEWS for Guild Members! Some of our Guild members are generously opening up their shops and offering their skills to help other members. For more information see the “Share my Shop” link on the nav bar or click here. Keep checking back as we increase the capabilities and participation.

Woodworker's Guild News

The next meeting is on Wednesday, April 2nd. Members will be bringing in sharpening tools and techniques to demonstrate. If you have an edge that needs honing, bring it in and try out some of the sharpening solutions.

The next carving group meeting is on Monday, March 24th. Brian Mitchell is an award winning carver and will be demonstrating his techniques for painting carvings with oil paints.

Our meetings are at Keeseh Woodshop. Unless noted, they are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm. Our carving meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month, also at 7:00pm.

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